表面上看San 只是一款简洁美观的衣帽架,当您打开其包装的那一刻便会明白:它还是一款更合理利用包装空间、拆装运输更简易巧妙、生产制造更有效率的衣帽架。三个相同的木条,通过两两相扣形成一个独特而稳固的三角形几何结构。三个特定角度的斜孔,成为了连接衣帽架的关键。三条略微的凹槽让挂东西变得更加方便。三条衣帽架的主杆通过三条双头螺丝上下拧接安装,无需任何安装工具,简单而巧妙。而主杆的连接口完美的隐藏在了三角形结构之中,看上去像是一根完整的圆杆穿过三角结构一样,简洁而牢固。San衣帽架每一个部件的尺寸都经过了精心的推敲,既需要保持衣帽架的实用尺寸与比例美感,又需要完美的利用包装盒的每一寸空间,这是数学与美学间的平衡,这是对拆装包装、运输成本、生产效率、比例美感的综合考虑。

It seems that SAN is just a simple beautiful looking coat stand on the first look, but the moment you open up the package you will find out: it also contains the meaning of better use of packing space, easier to assemble & shipping and more efficient of manufacture.Three identical wooden sticks formed into a unique stable triangle by buckling each other.Three inclined holes of fixed angle is the key of installing the coat stand.Three simple indentations make hanging easy and convenient.Three main rods are installed by using double head screws twisting up and down, no installing tool needed, simple and clever. The main rods’ connector are perfectly hidden in the triangle structure, looks like three complete rods through the triangle, simple and solid.Every component’s measurement of SAN coat stand has been meticulously considered, not only to keep the functional size and beauty of scale, also need to use every inch of the packaging space perfectly, it’s a balance between mathematics and aesthetic perception, a comprehensive consideration of assembling packing, shipping cost, manufacture efficiency and scale aesthetic perception.



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