我希望通过一点小的改变,用一种原始的方式,让笔能和人之间产生更多的共鸣、照应与交流。通过拧紧拧松两个动作,来提醒或映射用户在开始通过书写表达自己的思想时的聚精会神与完成书写后的放松状态,或在思考犹豫过程中不自主的上下旋动螺丝帽,这便是一种直觉,一种用户与产品之间的交流与互动。与其他按动笔不同之处在于它摒弃了巧妙与精确的联动结构,从而采用最为原始而普遍的六角螺丝原理,通过拧紧螺丝与拧松螺丝的简单动作来伸缩圆珠笔头。HEXA整体造型为六边形,边缘带有细微的倒角,简洁而精致。 笔身使用不锈钢制作而成来保持笔身的重量,增加笔的手感。有铝合金与铜两种材质。

I wants to do some changes by one original way to achieve the desired effect that HEXA could produce more resonances,communications and interactions with users.Tightening and unscrewing these two actions remind users to concentrate when they begin to express their thoughts by writing or reflect their relaxing after writing,even they turn the screw cap up and down involuntarily when they're thinking.This is a communication between the user and HEXA which designer thinks it is intuition.What HEXA differs from other pens that need to press is that HEXA abandons the clever and precise linkage structure and adopts the most original universal hexagonal screw principle. Users can simply telescopic pen by tightening and unscrewing.The shape of HEXA is inspired by hexagonalthe whole look is simple and exquisite because of the edge with slight chamfer.Designer chooses stainless steel in order to keep the weight of HEXA and increase the feel of the pen when users are holding.There are two colors of silver and copper.


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