The name of the work is Circleit not only symbolizes the form of works, but also represents a return. Designer extends the traditional processing of bamboo and uses modern materials integrated way with bamboo to bring users back to a traditional aesthetic feeling.At the same time,he wants to deliver one kind of artistic conception which contained simplicity,tranquility and nature by concise design technique.Let's back to a slow lifestyle.

Free combination mode Hidden connection structure:The bookshelves is combined by cells of two sizes, there are some powerful magnets inside for building up different shapes whatever you like.This method does not prevent the beauty of appearance, but also makes it solid and  fits the right places  automatically.

Traditional processing of bamboo--Yu Kou:Designer uses modern materials integrated way with bamboo by a different technique called Yu Kou which means unique and beautiful bending node, it embodies the traditional process of modern application and extension.Designer utilizes the characteristics of bamboo to make its bending nodes thinin addition, the whole frame is made of only one piece of bamboo,so he stabilizes modeling strength by thickening some parts.Full encirclement structure and bamboo fiber in the right direction make slim appearance able to bear strong pressure.



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