Stacked layers structure form of this work, as if bamboo shoot after raining in spring, they are layer by layer upwardly extending. The “bamboo shoot” sounds the same as the “mortise” in Chinese,so designer designed the unique “Bamboo Mortise” structure form for the corner through understanding the characteristics of bamboo, it maintains the flexural properties of bamboo, in addition, strengthens its structural strength. Designer makes new attempt and discussion on the bamboo structure and technology.

Material  complementaryBamboo has its own characteristics like rigidity and toughon the other hand, wood has its own languages such as gentle and hard.They all have advantages and disadvantages, when the toughness of bamboo is brought into play,designer has to solute the problems of its instability. So combining with two materials to create the unique “Bamboo Mortise” according to bamboo's characteristics is a good idea to show complementary combinations of different materials.

Process detailsThe four legs of bookshelf are layer by layer upwardly extendingoutward and slightly titled. Designer makes elegant radian by modifying a form from the thin to the rough to the thin, further more, from bottom to the top of legs outside are modified with chamfers which highlights the temperament of bamboo.Each layer of the branch is 45 degrees inclined embedded in the horizontal plateand the bamboo patterns look like leaf vein.



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